360 degree protection

Protection that counts & your homeowners will love

All LoveRentals reservations are protected against damage to the rental home structure & its contents, as well as bodily injury lawsuits & bedbugs.

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Our exclusive Program

'LoveRentals Protect'

LoveRentals Protect (LRP)  couples best-in-class identity verification & fraud detection services with a comprehensive protection program shielding property owners & managers from risks arising from vacation rental stays. LRP is also a superior security deposit alternative, providing protection for the duration of a paid reservation.

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Real property protection

Damage to flooring, dwelling structure, plumbing, or HVAC covered up to $1,000,000

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Liability protection

Coverage up to $1,000,000 for bodily injury lawsuits, damage to adjacent property & tenant property

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Contents protection

Protection up to $5,000 for damage to the rental unit property like TVs, funiture, applicances & flooring

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Identity verification

Our best-in-class identity verification technology reduces you and your owners' exposure to high-risk guests

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Fraud detection

LRP technology checks for criminals, sex offenders, & identity thieves, dramatically reducing chargebacks & damages.

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Bedbug protection

Earn up to $10,000 for extermination, replacement of ruined furnishings, accommodation & loss of income.

List on these major channels and many more
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Content strategy

Our professional marketing team appraises each listing and crafts it to highlight the unique selling points of each.

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Not everybody's an English Major. And that's okay! Our team writes high quality descriptive content to drive sales.

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You benefit online from our years of successful branding, and we put your brand at the forefront when the guest is in-house.

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Channel optimization

Each OTA's unique content scores dictate rankings and visibility. We optimize per-channel so you don't have to!

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Ongoing curation

As traveler preferences change, your listings are updated to maximize interest and exposure.

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We represent your needs in front of our senior account representatives at each of the major OTAs, as one of their top users.

keep it simple

Don't waste time fighting with guests over claims

We handle the entire claims process, including liaising with the guest and the underwriters entirely on your behalf. All you have to do is provide basic information about any covered incident, and we take care of the rest.

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Step 1

Listing content assessment

Our marketing team assess each listing's content for quality and richness of information before applying the LoveRentals touch

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Step 2

Tell the story

Our listings weave a connective thread from title, gallery, and description all the way through to the review responses.

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Step 3

Adjust as we learn

We update as we go, applying tweaks to the listings based on guest feedback and trends to maximize conversion.

Our Process

Our tried and true formula for successful listings

Successful listings are never one-and-done. Amidst this ever-changing market and evolving traveler preferences, we proactively optimize your listings to maximize exposure.

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Only a licensed insurance broker can analyze your personal or company situation, discuss your insurance needs and advise you on insurance coverage. For questions on primary homeowners, general liability, commercial or other insurance, please consult a licensed professional. The LoveRentals PROTECT program (LRP) is supported by an insurance policy insuring LoveRentals, effected with certain Lloyd’s Underwriters through TERN Financial Group Inc., a Lloyd’s Approved Cover-holder acting as agent for the Underwriters. The LoveRentals protection program coverage is supplemental and is NOT intended to replace homeowners insurance, commercial general liability insurance, or umbrella insurance.